Case Study - Test bench plates

As a strategic partner, we not only supply the customer with test stand panels, but also provide advice and take care of the entire project implementation. This was also the case for a customer who needed a new test stand.

The customer contacted us and explained the need for a larger test stand to replace an existing smaller test stand due to increased requirements. After several on-site appointments with intensive stocktaking and consultation, we were able to estimate the scope of the project and concluded that a new foundation was also necessary to meet the increased requirements.

The problem

First, the old test stand had to be dismantled and disposed of. Although there was no indoor crane available, we were able to remove it using a truck-mounted crane. The old panels were loaded onto trucks and disposed of properly.

Our solution for the test bench plate

In order to meet the requirements of the new test stand, a pit had to be dug in the hall floor. This was necessary in order to insert reinforcement bars and an anchoring construction. This is the only way to absorb the enormous forces acting on the test plate during use.

The pit was then filled with concrete - the foundation was set. After that, the test plate could be erected.

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