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Iron casting and machining
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STOLLE Quality

STOLLE Quality

Our high quality standards provide you with added value

Wilh. Stolle GmbH provides top quality with all self-produced products and is certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001. 


Stolle cast products are made of dense special cast iron with added steel and have an even surface texture. Our special casting process guarantees tension-free casting while our CNCCNC-supported machine finishing is precise to the µm.


Our in-house standard defines and standardizes the production processes and guarantees the highest possible level of process security.


Environmental Standards at Stolle

Environmentally orientated thinking and actions are key aspects of our corporate philosophy. Our goal is to keep the effects of our business activities on the environment and our neighbourhood as low as possible.


Over and above compliance with legal provisions, we are committed to constantly improving operational environmental protection and management.


Low emission values 

The production processes at Stolle are monitored constantly. The materials, production processes and technical equipment used are all examined with regard to their hazard potential and improved where necessary – or replaced by more environmentally compatible alternatives. Modern cupola furnaces with afterburners, as well as large exhaust gas cleansing and de-dusting systems, mean that we come nowhere near meeting the maximum legally stipulated limiting values for emissions. We also expect compliance with environmental regulations from our contract partners. 


High recycling rate

Waste products are either returned to the production process or properly recycled: thanks to the use of modern sand refining systems, 97 percent of the furan sand required for core manufacture can be reused. Broken cast iron is melted down and made into new grey cast iron. Slag is used in roadbulding and the extracted dust is reused in external recycling companies. 


We keep on developing our environmental policy in an open dialogue with our neighbours and in close cooperation with the authorities in order to save natural resources and make our production as environmentally friendly as possible.

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Phone: +49 (0) 228 95033-0

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Key environment management data

  • Process monitoring:
    Regular dust measurements, sound insulation of buildings
  • Process improvement:
    Efficient use of natural resources, high recycling rates, continuous further development of operational environmental conservation
  • Process control:
    Emission and immission measuring, monitoring of improvements withn regard to their effectiveness, responsibility of all employees
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