Leveling element type AE55-F-Bu

Leveling element type AE55-F-Bu

Our well-designed and proven leveling element AE55 (AE82 for heavier loads) allows our plates to be conveniently poured and aligned from the top. Whether it is our standard AE55-F (with a foundation anchor), an AE55-B (anchored with a reaction cartridge) or another variant, can be flexibly selected according to your requirements.


Withstands tensile and compressive forces.


  • Cap Ø 110x10mm DE11010D/A
  • Hex bolt M24x180 - 8.8
  • Washer DIN 125
  • Tappet AE55-5
  • Forcing screw AE55-7
  • Foundation anchor AE55-3
  • Centering brush AE55-6
  • Weight: approx. 11,00 kg
approx. 11,00 kg Inquire now