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Plate with vacuum clamping system

Vacuum clamping systems from STOLLE

Vacuum clamping systems for clamping with extremely short set-up times

STOLLE has wide-ranging knowledge of different types of inserts for vacuum technology. Different types of inserts can be accommodated in the casting during machining of face plates or pallet tables. Our clamping systems are of course tailored to the requirements of the customers: That way we can offer the optimum solution for your machining systems. We will happily assemble the inserts for you and deliver a fully-functioning face plate component for your tool machinery. Vacuum clamping technology from STOLLE guarantees fast, reliable clamping of varying work pieces.

We are specialists in the provision of individual solutions for highly specific clamping technology, measurement- and test technology. We have a wealth of production expertise with which we provide complete solutions with optimum reliability, quality and precision.

We are happy to advise you in all questions relating to specialist constructions and we develop tailored and economical solutions on which you can depend.

Examples of Vacuum clamping systems:

Plate with vacuum clamping system

Plate with vacuum clamping system

Plate field with vacuum clamping system

Plate field with vacuum clamping system

Ask us!

We’ll be happy to advise you on any matters relating to special designs, and send you a quotation designed especially for your requirements.

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