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T-slots for your requirements

Our precision machine tools incorporate slots in all dimensions & distance intervals

Cast constructions from Stolle offer many different clamping options for all types of workpieces. We use computer-controlled precision machines to work the longitudinal and latitudinal slots required for this purpose into our products.


The T-slots can be designed individually to suit your requirements – in all dimensions and spacings on request.


Size of the T-slots

The size of the T-slots in the plates is determined by the tensile and pressure forces that occur. All standard dimensions in the sizes 14, 18, 22, 28, 36 or 42 can be fitted in accordance with DIN 650 H7 bis H12.

Nominal Measurement: a for screwsbcHe
10mmM818 mm8 mm19 mm1,0 mm
12mmM1021 mm9 mm23 mm1,0 mm
14mmM121/2"25 mm11 mm26 mm1,0 mm
16mmM1427 mm11 mm30 mm1,5 mm
18mmM165/8"32 mm14 mm33 mm1,5 mm
20mmM1834 mm14 mm37 mm1,5 mm
22mmM203/4"40 mm17 mm42 mm1,5 mm
24mmM227/8"42 mm18 mm46 mm1,5 mm
28mmM241"50 mm20 mm52 mm1,5 mm
32mmM271 1/8"53 mm22 mm61 mm1,5 mm
36mmM301 1/4"60 mm25 mm66 mm2,0 mm
42mmM361 1/2"70 mm32 mm79 mm2,0 mm
48mmM4280 mm36 mm90 mm2,5 mm


Spacing of the T-slots

The T-slot spacing of our standard products is 150, 200, 250 and 300 mm.

If several tooling plates are combined to form plate fields, the distance to the plate joints should be half of the slot spacing distance in each instance. This results in the even distribution of the slots over the entire surface.



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Phone: +49 (0) 228 95033-0

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T-slot detail


  • Manufacture in accordance with DIN 650
  • Tolerance fields from H7 to H12
  • Special dimensions, interim sizes and customized spacing on request
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