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STOLLE History


STOLLE has been making history since 1898

We are a family managed company in the fourth generation with over 115 years of tradition. Founded in 1898 by Wilhelm Stolle in Euskirchen, Wilh. Stolle GmbH has a leading position today in the European market for cast iron plates.


Our long years of experience with iron casting and machining, our responsibility as a tradition-steeped company and our conviction to quality and process security make us a reliable partner for customers, suppliers and employees alike.


“Achieve a lot with courage and strength”

The history of the company is closely linked with the development of German industry in the last century.


It is marked by the setbacks caused by world wars and economic crises, as well as the determination and enterprise with which product quality and supply capacity were constantly further developed.


“Achieve a lot with courage and strength” – this motto from company founder Wilhelm Stolle has accompanied the business through many difficult as well as successful years, and it characterizes our philosophy to this day.



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Phone: +49 (0) 228 95033-0

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Portrait Wilhelm Stolle


STOLLE 1898Founded by Wilhelm Stolle in Euskirchen


STOLLE 1921Move to Bonn Bad Godesberg


STOLLE 1950Dismantled


STOLLE 1951Rebuilt with new machinery for the machining of cast parts


Wilhelm StolleWilhelm Stolle dies; his sons Walter and Franz Stolle take over the company


Ingo Stolle, Albert StolleThe third generation joins the company management with Ingo and Albert Stolle


STOLLE 1975Founding of Stolle Nederland B.V. in Baarlo, Netherlands


Walter StolleWalter Stolle dies; cousins Wolfgang and Martin Stolle join the company


STOLLE 1992Begin of production in accordance with DIN ISO 9001


STOLLE 1996Procurement of the first CNC-controlled milling machine


STOLLE 1997Takeover of the Rübenach company in Bonn-Beuel, production capacity trebled


STOLLE 2000Expansion of the range of performances to become a system supplier


STOLLE 2005Build-up of a logistics centre


Cast plateStolle is one of the European leaders of cast plates
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