Clamping Plates for the Industry Power Generation

The energy industry is changing. Until a few years ago, a few large power plants supplied countries and regions with electrical power across the board. Energy production in these power plants can take place under particularly controlled conditions. Decentralized electricity production in the form of biogas, solar and especially wind takes place under different conditions. Much smaller power plants, which are more directly exposed to external disturbance variables, require tensioning rails, mounting plates and clamping plates of the highest quality.

Requirements for clamping plates for energy­generation

If you look at a wind turbine, for example, it becomes clear what mounting plates have to achieve here. An alternating warm environment, strong vibrations and high humidity put all components of these complex systems under stress. For the decentralized production of electrical power, therefore, only products of the highest quality are permissible. STOLLE therefore offers a wide range of clamping plates, clamping rails and mounting plates that have proven their worth under the harsh conditions of decentralized power production.

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Edgar Schumacher

Edgar Schumacher

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    STOLLE-FAQ for energy production

    For what work in the environment of the industry are clamping and testing plates used?

    Clamping plates are used in the energy industry for the assembly of various components. They range from heavy generators and turbines to lightweight electrical components.

    What criteria must the clamping and test plates meet that are important in the industry?

    The tight fit of all assembled components under all conditions is the most important criterion in this industry. Nothing must come loose, even if strong vibrations or alternating temperatures affect the assembly.

    Why should customers from the industry choose STOLLE?

    With the vast experience STOLLE has gained, especially in the energy industry, we are a TOP supplier for these special challenges. We supply components that our customers can rely on.

     High-precision solutions for clamping plates

    High-precision solutions for clamping plates

    for plant and mechanical engineering

    for plant and machine engineering We are therefore able to offer particularly interesting prices for mounting plates, tensioning rails and clamping plates, provided that the corresponding quantities are purchased. By maintaining consistent, reliable quality, we have therefore become one of the top suppliers to many manufacturers in the energy industry. We defend this reputation every day anew and convince our customers by our high loyalty in delivery and results.

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