Clam­ping Plates for Re­search and De­velop­ment

One condition for scientific proof is the repeatability of an experiment. In order to achieve the same result while maintaining all specified parameters, potential confounding variables must be excluded. Research and development therefore demands a robust experimental setup.

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Edgar Schumacher

Edgar Schumacher

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    STOLLE-FAQ for research and development

    For what work in the environment of the industry are clamping and testing plates used?

    Research and development in companies or universities use clamping and test plates in the following areas:

    • Optical tests
    • Vibration measurements
    • Fracture, tensile and yield tests of specific components

    Depending on the requirements, the design of the clamping plate can be adapted.

    What criteria must the clamping and test plates meet that are important in the industry?

    The most important property for producing innovation is the exclusion of external disturbances. Therefore, corporate research and development require plates that are immune to unavoidable influences. Precise manufacturing, for example, is necessary for this.

    Why should customers from the industry choose STOLLE?

    Innovation is the result of experience, research and development. For a successful test setup, reliable quality of all components is the most important prerequisite. STOLLE offers particularly extensive experience in the production of clamping plates for corporate research and development. We know exactly what to ask for in the preliminary discussions so that the customer receives the best possible clamping plate. In this way, we make our contribution to the successful production of innovation, whether as a product or as a process.

     Precision and quality for clamping plates

    Precision and quality for clamping plates

    for research and development

    Clamping platens for research and development must meet different requirements than those required for cutting machines. In the case of the latter, high rigidity and robustness are important for absorbing lateral forces. Clamping platens for research and development in companies and educational institutions, on the other hand, must remain universally usable.

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    Precise experiments with STOLLE clamping plates

    The geometric precision must not change even under changing external temperatures, vibrations or other influences. Therefore, STOLLE uses multiple stress-relieved and homogenized metal for the production of this clamping plate. With this reliability STOLLE supports research and development sustainably.

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