Clamping Plates for Drive Technology

Drive technology deals with the movement of masses. This means that not only high compressive or tensile forces act on the platens. Above all, the test rig must be able to absorb the strong vibrations emanating from the running drive system. STOLLE clamping plates are designed precisely to meet this challenge. With numerous visible and invisible features, the clamping plates from STOLLE offer the perfect addition to any test bench in drive technology.

Requirements for clamping plates for drive­technology

Wherever an actuator is to be set into a rotating or linear motion, a drive comes into play. These are always characterized by high and alternating vibrations. In the worst case, the vibrations reach the resonance range, which has a particularly damaging effect on all installed components. Here, the drive system requires solutions that reliably decouple from these frequencies without jeopardizing the precision of the arrangement.

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Edgar Schumacher

Edgar Schumacher

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    STOLLE-FAQ for drive technology

    For what work in the environment of the industry are clamping and testing plates used?

    The arrangement of components in drive technology is crucial for their long-term stability and effectiveness. Stolle's clamping plates allow any mounting of drive and actuator. This allows different components to be tested under any conditions on the same test bench.

    What criteria must the clamping and test plates meet that are important in the industry?

    The clamping plate must hold all components in position with consistent reliability even under maximum load. Strong vibrations and natural resonances must be detected, but must not have a destructive effect on the test platen. STOLLE achieves this through special adaptations in materials for the clamping platens.

    Why should customers from the industry choose STOLLE?

    A drive system must function equally well under all probable parameters. To be able to guarantee this in series production, extensive tests on the clamping plate are required. STOLLE offers a great deal of experience from many projects especially for drive technology. With a unique package of expertise and service, STOLLE ensures the best results even for demanding challenges.

     High-precision solutions for clamping plates

    High-precision solutions for clamping plates

    for drive technology

    Linear drives such as pneumatic cylinders or connecting rods also have strongly alternating load cases. The swelling and alternating vibrations increase with frequency. Even with small moving masses, this can lead to critical vibrations in which components detach from the test rig. Drive technology therefore relies on mounting plates that meet these particular challenges with adapted designs and selected materials.

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    Advantages for the drive­technology

    With STOLLE clamping plates

    STOLLE offers a great experience from many successful projects. For drive technology we offer our customers clamping plates with the following features:

    • specifically milled grooves according to customer requirements
    • Control of introduced forces and vibrations on the test specimen.

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