Clam­ping Plates for Plant and Machine Construction

Clamping plates for plant and machine construction are used to hold semi-finished products for further processing on machine tools. They support CNC milling, planing or boring mills to produce consistent, reliable quality even under difficult conditions. STOLLE clamping plates for special machines are characterized by a high degree of flexibility, which also enables the processing of complex products.

Requirements for Clamping Plates for Plant and Mechanical Engineering

Special machines such as CNC milling machines, large planers or special boring mills produce high transverse forces that act on the workpieces to be machined. These are accompanied by strong vibrations. Both of these factors require reliable and firm clamping of the workpiece. Depending on the complexity and size of the workpiece, the standard clamping plate of the machine tools can be overwhelmed with this task. STOLLE therefore offers a wide product portfolio for machine tool manufacturing, which allows the full potential of existing special machines to be exploited.

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Edgar Schumacher

Edgar Schumacher

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    STOLLE-FAQ for plant and mechanical engineering

    For which work in the environment of the industry are clamping plates used?

    Clamping plates are required above all for the precise processing of semi-finished metal products. Our solutions are therefore particularly popular for CNC cutting machines such as milling machines, planers or boring mills.

    What criteria must the clamping plates meet that are important in the industry?

    The reliable clamping of complex shaped pre-products is crucial for plant and machine engineering. STOLLE provides solutions for this, which ensure the production of consistent quality.

    Why should customers from the industry choose STOLLE?

    Experience, reliability and a quality consciousness, as indicated for plant and machine construction, characterize STOLLE. To support machine tools optimally in their work is our mission. We support plant and machine construction with first-class products. This enables our customers to utilize the full potential of their production and avoid expensive new investments.

     High-precision solutions for clamping plates

    High-precision solutions for clamping plates

    for plant and mechanical engineering

    STOLLE offers the following solutions for plant and machine construction for optimal processing of complex products on special machines: Clamping plates, measuring plates, table elevations, angles, cubes, drilling table, pallet tables, machine beds, clamping rails, assembly plates, customized plates.

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    Advantages for plant and mechanical engineering

    With STOLLE clamping plates

    A special solution is only as good as its fit to the challenge. That is why we always develop our auxiliary components for machine tool construction together with the customer. The vibration- and oscillation-isolated installation of seismic masses is part of this. This also makes dynamic or rotational tests on processes and finished products possible. With this full-service offer, we are one of the TOP suppliers in the following, particularly critical industries:

    • Defense technology
    • Aerospace
    • Power generation
    • Special mechanical engineering

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