Case Study - Shortening procurement times

Even in urgent cases, we stand by our customers and can realise projects quickly. For an urgent request, the delivery time for a panel should only be two weeks.

Our approach

By taking stock on site, we were able to establish that the customer's needs could not only be met, but that we could use an existing rough cast plate as a template, which shortened the processing time enormously.

We were also able to save time in the preliminary work for the foundation: We produced a foundation plan at short notice and provided it to the customer so that the pit for the plate could be integrated into foundation work already in progress.

Our solution

In addition to our detailed installation instructions, we were also available for queries via video call. This enabled us to quickly resolve any problems that arose and clear up any ambiguities in the shortest possible time.

We are convinced that especially in time-critical projects, the support of our customers is essential for success. This is the only way to ensure that deadlines are met and, at the same time, that the high precision and durability of our panels are achieved.

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